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VR training environment for trainees and staff

Trainees and experienced operators now practice drilling operations in an interactive training environment. The training demonstrates the reactions of those drilling vehicles used by K+S AG to the various situations found in the surrounding mountains. The core of this learning environment is a 3m by 9m projection screen on which the drilling process is shown and simulated.

To achieve a simulation like this it is necessary to be able to reproduce the environment in the mine right up to the smallest detail. All the drilling sites in the area are recorded (scanned) and entered in a 3D-library. In a second step, the different types of drilling cars are visualised and their mechanical and kinematic functions simulated. The learning environment then created can be adjusted to meet specific learning demands and can realistically reflect the environment, the reactions of the drilling vehicle and the demands that the drillers have to meet.

Through a stereoscopic representation on the screen, the educational contents being presented in the simulation lab can be experienced three dimensionally. The simulated machine is operated with a true-to-life remote control. Reactions to operating commands are directly experienced by the students. This creates an interactive learning situation in which the drillers learn how to deal with the machine train by increasing their understanding of the overall process and by training each individual step in the process.

Our services:

  • On-site analysis of the individual demands
  • Modelling of machines, processes and prevailing conditions
  • Planning/purchase and installation of the necessary hardware
  • Implementation of the software
  • Didactic training concept
  • Maintenance of the entire system

Advantages of the training simulator:

The advantages of a Virtual Reality (VR) training system can be found in the risk-free training of dangerous and borderline situations. VR systems shorten the training time, take the strain of teaching and inexperienced operation off your machines and lead to considerable cost savings for machine maintenance.