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Virtual drilling vehicle operating platform VRBW5x

To achieve a sustained improvement in the training and education of drilling vehicle operators, Datenflug, working for K+S Aktiengesellschaft, developed a virtual control platform for a drilling vehicle.
The drillers being trained can now learn about the functions of a drilling vehicle, how to correctly operate the controls and to virtually experience dangerous and borderline situations by using a simulator. In this context, the students can learn how to deal with rare or very difficult occurrences that could not be learned using a real drilling vehicle.

A virtual drilling vehicle operating platform must be able to reproduce all of the operations and functions when drilling and show these in a virtual space. To do this, it is necessary to show the individual functions of the drilling vehicle in 3D and have a virtual representation of the measurement and control technology. Furthermore, the mechanical characteristics and the various geological and mining conditions at the site must be recorded and reproduced by the simulator so that the students can react to it.

Thanks to the successful introduction of the simulator, K+S Aktiengesellschaft decided to expand the applications of the simulator to include the specific conditions found at their Sigmundshall location.

Advantages of the training simulator:

The advantages of a VR training system can be found in the safe training of dangerous and borderline situations and the experiencing of the results of incorrect operation without any harm occurring to either students or machines. A simulator shortens the training period, protects the machines and leads to considerable savings in machine maintenance.