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Wheel loader – driving simulator

A driving simulator for 4 different types of wheel loader, has been created and designed by Datenflug to bring about a significant improvement in the training and further education of the operators. 

Training in the simulator gives the beginner a structured overview of the vehicle. Inexperienced drivers can learn the first steps involved in vehicle operation without any risk to themselves or the machine and without any fear of doing something wrong. This ensures that the trainees quickly acquire the skills and the security they need to operate the actual machine. In addition, the trainees can be made aware of vehicle-specific problems and dangers.

After the drivers have gathered some experience in operating the actual machine, the simulator offers analysis and other additional functions that will help to improve and optimise a driver’s specific operating style. Once the trainees have attained a feeling of operational security, they start to take the machine to its limits. These precise limits can be tested on the driving simulator and the trainees can learn how to handle dangerous situations and less common on-site situations. 

The trainees learn how to operate the machine in a way that is good for both man and machine. As well as acquiring a deeper understanding of the interrelationship between the thermal and mechanical properties of the vehicle, they also develop a true understanding of the complex interrelationship between the drive, gear and braking system. In addition, the trainee has a chance to learn and practice how to deal with the machine in dangerous situations. Further elements of the training include learning about the different driving characteristics of the different kinds of wheel loaders as well as applying different mining strategies.

In order to give the trainees a feel for the way the vehicle reacts to acceleration and braking as well as for the position and the inclination of the vehicle during operation, the simulator uses a driving dynamics system (hexapod). The entire cockpit incl. the graphics system is located on a platform that moves according to the calculations made by the simulator, giving the trainees a very real impression of the driving dynamics.

Advantages of a training simulator

The qualifications of a wheel loader driver can be improved significantly through the use of a driving simulator. In addition, the maintenance costs can be reduced and the availability as well as the performance of the machine increased.