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Track Driving Simulator

The VRD6T is a mobile driving simulator for training typical operations in surface mining. The scope of training ranges from commissioning of the vehicle and the handling of the controls through to the classical training situations. Especially working in close proximity to other machines such as settler or excavator is a particular challenge for the driver and can safely be trained in the simulator.

Our Services:

  • mapping the overall functionality and control capability of the machine
  • A variety of weather and material simulations
  • Providing Error messages for the Simulation of the machine
  • Working with GPS, integration of a GPS Control Box
  • 17 different tasks / training scenarios
  • Analysis of soil and relief representation of the progress
  • Library with best - practice scenarios
  • The cockpit includes driver's seat, controls and is placed on top of a 2DOF motion platform
  • Total integration, maintenance and development of the system